Traffic Control & LPR System


| Installation of the system on the road in any configuration

| The detection of red light by means of video analysis or dry contacts

| Automatic classification system types of traffic violations

| Equipment is installed on the side of the roadway.

| No need to install special constructions or stands above the roadway.

| Ease of installation and operation.


TRAVIO is an automatic all-weather system designed for detecting traffic violations.


| Detecting traffic violations

| Recognizing license plates

| Creating an evidence base for any violations detected

| Transmitting evidence base to external systems in order to enforce traffic regulations on administrative violations.

System Components

The control unit and power supply

Video unit for traffic lights

Video unit for registering violations

Additional Video unit (for an illegal turn detection)

Switching Unit

Radar unit

IR illuminator


Detected Violations

Running a red light

Brake line control

Irregularities in traversing railway crossings

Driving in the wrong lane

Public transport lane violation

Moving on the side of the road

Driving on bicycle or pedestrian paths or sidewalks/pavements

Turn in the wrong direction


Unauthorized parking

Violation on a pedestrian crossing