Video surveillance system
with computer vision


User-friendly step-by-step set-up in one application (from adding video cameras and loading object maps to setting the video analysis algorithms).

Multilevel object maps. The cameras can be grouped (whether they are mounted in the streets, indoors, on the floors, etc.) to obtain a general understanding of the situation both on the one local strategic facility and several buildings within the site.

Practical instrument for viewing and working with the alarm situations.

Minimal false triggering (special feature of Orwell-V video analysis).


Orwell-V video surveillance system with computer vision offers automatic detection, classification and transmission of targets and situations of the video information to the operator in a real-time mode.

Computer vision algorithms used in Orwell-V system were developed by ELVEES NeoTek company.

These algorithms of the computer vision allow detection of targets and situations in difficult ‘jamming’ environments and conditions.

Detected targets

Human | Vehicle | Group of people | Lost objects | Fire |Thrown objects |


| Automatic real-time detection and classification of targets and situations using the image from video cameras, thermal imaging cameras, radar

| Automatic aiming of targets and tracking them by PTZ video cameras

| Forming a database of recognized targets in a real-time mode

| Displaying snapshots/pictorial representations of moving targets and situations on the map of the strategic object

| Alerting the operator both by audio and visual means in the event of the situation of interest

| The self-testing of the system by alerting the operator to any failures in any element of the system

| Searching the archive by time, target class, camera number, event and operator’s comment.

System Components

Server application

Organization of functions of Orwell-V system and for processing of incoming data.

Signal Sources

Devices from which signals are received (video cameras, sensors, etc.).


Storage of settings and results of work of Server and Client, analytics data.


Video surveillance, alarm handling, working with video archive.

External systems

Systems integrated in Orwell-V using the SDK.