Energy-efficient multicore
signal processor

System features

An advanced energy-efficient multicore signal microprocessor based on 40 nm process.


Communication devices, navigation and mobile devices, smart video cameras, robotic systems, driver assistance systems, phones and gadgets.


Functional capabilities

VIP-1 is a high-performance multifunctional microprocessor which can serve as a basis for mobile devices, security systems and GLONASS trackers.

The System-on-Crystal has an embedded custom video processor enabling video data processing, analysis and semantic processing.

The chip is a good choice for designing video cameras with embedded video analysis due to two DSP and VPU VELcore cores as well as MIPI interface.


Ethernet controller MAC 10/100/1000;

2 ports LPDDR2 / DDR3; top speed data transmission 1008 Mbit/s at a frequency of 504 MHz; bit depth - 16/32;

NORMPORT port for connecting memory SRAM / PSRAM / ROM / NOR FLASH;

NANDMPORT port for connecting NAND FLASH memory;

2 SD / MMC ports with support for SD3.0 / MMC4.5;

2 multifunction ports MFBSP (LPORT, SPI, I2S, GPIO) with DMA;

4 universal asynchronous ports (UART) type 16550A;

USB2.0 (HOST + DEVICE + PHY), 480 Mbps;

"Intelligent" multi-channel DMA SDMA controller;

DMA controller with direct PDMA peripheral request processing;

128 multiplexed GPIO outputs; the ability to enter 32 external interrupts;

3 I2C interface ports;

2 dedicated SPI ports;

dedicated I2S interface port;

2 two-channel PWM controllers;

2 SpaceWire ports for network capabilities of the chip;

8 universal 32-bit timers, interval/real time (IT/RTT);

32-bit watchdog timer (WDT);

the real-time clock (RTC);

DAP debugging port with access to internal memory chip;

2 video input ports:

a MIPI CSI port or a parallel port;

Built-in DMA;

built-in Image Preprocessor.

port of video data output:

port MIPI DSI or parallel port;

built-in DMA.

power management controller

System Components

2-core CPU CORTEX-A9 (CPU 0-1) with FPU-accelerator and NEON SIMD-accelerator (ARM);

2 DSP core with floating and fixed point ELCore-30M; full software compatibility with microcircuits 1892VM10Я, 1892VM15F;

Graphical 2D/3D Accelerator (MALI- 300, ARM); support OpenVG 1.1, OpenGLES 2.0/1.1; Support for resolutions up to HD 1080p with 4x anti-aliasing; built-in 8 KB cache second level; 250 million pixels/s;

The core of a multichannel GLONASS / GPS / BeiDou-correlator;

VELcore-01 video codec: providing functions H.264 CBP Encode and Decode, Full HD (1920x1080) stereo video stream with frame rate not less than 30 frames per second, video data memory VRAM of 1 MB available for CPU and DSP;

Hardware Accelerator for compression images according to the JPEG standard.